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favorites quotes...

“It’s always a pleasure to see something fresh and new”
Nicolas Cage, USA

“This is some really strong magic”
President Barak Obama, USA

“You´re awesome”
Vin Diesel, USA

“You should have won!”
Howard Stern, America´s Got Talent, USA

“Kevin James is extraordinary”

Alain Bernardin, Crazy Horse Paris, France


“I am impressed by the cutting act”

Woody Allen, USA


“Your magic is crazy… I love it”
Phil Collins, USA


“The world needs more people like you!”
Irene Larsen, Magic Castle, USA


“I love your ideas”

Neil Patrick Harris, USA


“You are amazing!”
Alan Titchmarsh, London


“Kevin is such a great entertainer”

Yoko Ono, USA


“You are my hero”
Rudy Coby, USA


“Truly amazing and original show”
Priscila Presley, USA


“Your magic is really fantastic”

Stephen Mulhern, London


“Thank you for being a part of successful time in Las Vegas”
Jay Leno, USA

“Kevin James is the most original comedy magician I have ever seen”
Jeff Kutash, USA

“Deliciously mesmerizing”
Ma. Carmen Grimaldo, OCESA, Mexico

“That was beautiful”
H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Monaco

“Very impressive”
Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Japan

David Hasselhoff, America´s Got Talent, USA

“You rock Kevin!!!”
Arturo Brachetti, Italy

“That was incredible, thank you Kevin”
Jonathan Ross, London

“Kevin James is a gift to our art. Love that guy”
Sean David Bogunia. Magician USA