T- CUT by Adrian Soler


To cut a person in half has always been an iconic part of magic, now we all can do it almost anywhere, with out boxes and complications. Practical, strong and easy.

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Light weight, pack small play big, no gimmicks on your body, start clean, finish clean, great angles, no costume limitations, assemble it with out any tools in two minutes, can be performed with a spectator next to the prop, many presentational possibilities.
This version of the T-Cut is very light (28 pounds) because it was designed with portability in mind and can fit in to a suitcase that you can take even in a plane as regular checked luggage. This prop is not made for receiving impacts, standing on top of it or other abusive treatment.  If taken care of, can give you many years of applause.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 27 × 8 in