SnowMic By Viktor Voitko and Kevin James


Victor Voitko and Kevin James invented this new device for a wonderful snowstorm effect for the stage.
All you need to perform the snowstorm effect – it’s the SnowMic!
The height of the microphone stand is adjustable.
SnowMic is compact and stylish.


A microphone is a natural object on stage. Our device is an imitation of a real microphone that generates an air flow.
This device is compact size and easy to use.
– Battery Lithium 8000 mAh
– Noise- 55 dB
– The height of the confetti is 9 to 12 feet
– Self-contained foot switch

This set includes:
Special microphone for snowstorm – 1
Microphone stand – 1
Soft bag – 1
Charging type-c – 1
Confetti – 1
Gimmick for confetti – 1

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 13 × 5 in