By Gaëtan Bloom

Brought back by popular demand!!!

This is great for zoom as well as live shows.  This destroys magicians, imagine what it will do to your lay audience!


The performer makes a prediction on a chalkboard, covers it up with a piece of paper and sets it on a display stand.  A member of the audience takes 9 cards, ace through nine of spades.  He is asked to shuffle them until another member of the audience says to stop.  At the same time the entire audience is asked to think of a number between one and nine.  The spectator says stop, the shuffler stops and we all get to see the top card.  It is a three of spades.  The performer clips it to the top of the chalkboard and asks the audience to raise their hands if the thought of three.  Only a few get it right, proving how difficult it is.  This is process is repeated three more times.  The cards are clipped to the board.  Every choice is very free, no forces.  At the end, the paper is removed and the previously written prediction matches exactly!!!

The method is diabolical and simple, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the presentation.  Package includes slate, stand and the necessary gimmicks.  This is a really great effect!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 3 in