Neuro Light


Neuro Light lets you create a brilliant flash of light anytime during your performance and repeat it again and again!!!


Marc Antoine is the creator of the Global Best Sellers – Pro Light and Mental Dice!!

When Marc Antoine came to present his latest creation to us Neuro Light, it was with immense happiness that we supported its production and brought the know-how of Magic Dream.

Neuro Light is the ultimate accessory that will allow you to produce a flash at any time in your performance as many times as you want, without ever having to hold anything in hand!

Everything has been thought of for absolute discretion and it has an extreme precision trigger. Operation mode “One Touch – One Move” Allows you to be effective at all times; Touch a button to arm the gimmick and a simple invisible movement to trigger the ultra powerful flash!

The advantages are countless, you will be able to accentuate all your effects and make them even more magical and impressive for your spectators.

The reset is instantaneous and the motion detection remote control is very sensitive. This allows you in a fraction of a second to trigger the flash at the right time. You just have to work on your timing and the presentation of your effects become brighter!

Gimmick can be hidden under your shirt, your t-shirt or in the heart pocket of your costume behind a square of silk or white scarf; Neuro Light remains invisible and ready to use every moment.

Whether you perform close-up with ultra-precise routines, a card effect with an immediate change, a bulb, a manipulation ball, magic with Rubik cubes or any other object, Neuro Light is for you. Define the moment the magic happens, or a gag, accentuation of an effect, transformation, the possibilities are endless …

Inspired by John Cornelius, Marc Antoine puts the bar very high his new accessory for workers!

Strong points :

  • Very easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Instant reset
  • Very discreet gimmick
  • Ultra-sensitive motion detection remote control
  • Very powerful flash
  • Explanatory video in French and English by Marc Antoine, Yoan Tanuji & Guillaume Bienné.

What the pros say:

 “The Neuro Light is both impactful, practical and easy to use. In addition, the trigger is great!” – Luc Langevin


“Marc Antoine has mixed magic and technology to reach the perfection of a classic effect that becomes new again! I love its trigger system; invisible, easy to do and never used before. So creative. With Neuro Light, Marc makes us believe That we are real magicians … Thank you for that! “ – Juan Mayoral


“Neuro Light is a real pleasure to use. I have fun with and the effect on the spectators is exceptional! Thank you, Marc Antoine and to Magic Dream for this brilliant creation. 5 stars!” – Benoit Campana

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 5 in