The Suave Deceiver book


A complete biography of magic’s master!
Step-by-step analysis of Cardini’s act
Almost 600 pages
Over 800 illustrations
350 frame-by-frame shots of his act
Beautiful color section


By John Fisher

Edited by Todd Karr
Introduction by Lance Burton

“Cardini was one of the greatest performing magicians of all time, and this volume is guaranteed to cast his spell the instant you enter its magical pages…a truly wonderful production…the bounty of images reproduced in this volume is nothing short of astounding. This long-awaited and well-deserved testament to one of the most important magicians of the twentieth century is an inordinately welcome addition to magic’s historical literature.”
— Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii magazine

At last! Perhaps the greatest sleight-of-hand artist of all time, Cardini finally receives the wonderful book he deserves. A master of sleight-of-hand, a show-business success, a classic act that changed the course of his art, and a builder of intricate miracles, Cardini is here unveiled in depth and with great insight by John Fisher, a wizard of words.

Granted access to the personal notebooks, scrapbooks, and memorabilia of Cardini, John Fisher has crafted not only a revelatory biography but also a fine piece of magical literature.

Cardini’s legendary act is explained in detail, moment by moment, for the first time in print, but his amazing life story is also revealed in this fascinating work.

Generously illustrated with hundreds of photos and mementos of this master’s career, including a beautiful color frontispiece and color section.

To top it all off, the book begins with Lance Burton paying tribute to Cardini in a heartfelt, inspiring preface.

Hardbound, with top-quality satin-finish paper, smyth-sewn for added durability, with a heavy full-color glossy dust jacket.

Introduction Lance Burton
Preface Todd Karr

Part One
Chapter One: We’re off to see the Wizard…
Chapter Two: A Magician for his Time
Chapter Three: Under Magic Wood
Chapter Four: A Long, Long Trail A-Winding
Chapter Five: London Pride
Chapter Six: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!
Chapter Seven: A New World Beckons
Chapter Eight: The Big Time
Chapter Nine: The Returned Magician

Part Two
Chapter Ten: Practice Makes Perfection
Chapter Eleven: Act as Known
Chapter Twelve: The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Part Three
Chapter Thirteen: An Actor’s Life for Me?
Chapter Fourteen: A Changing World
Chapter Fifteen: Amateurs and Professionals
Chapter Sixteen: The Phantom, the Professor, and the Pretender
Chapter Seventeen: A Magician for all Seasons
Chapter Eighteen: The Magic Box
Chapter Nineteen: Sleight of Heart
Chapter Twenty: Final Curtain

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