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He possesses the innate ability to create, develop and produce cutting edge magic effects and spectacular shows. Kevin James, The Inventor is one of today’s most innovative magicians and is known for creating several unique magical effects, such as the Floating Rose, Snow, Bowl-a-rama, performed by many magicians and actors around the world.

Kevin James was born in France, to American parents Darrell and Mary Lou. His father was a USAF rescue helicopter and jet fighter pilot, though later the family relocated to the small town of Jonesville, Michigan, where Kevin grew up.

Kevin was interested in the art of magic at a very early age. He is related to the legendary P.T. Barnum. They share the same family tree and a lot of the same likes. Kevin has worked with a diminutive assistant Antonio Hoyos for over 3 decades. P.T. Barnum had Tom Thumb. Kevin knows deep in his heart that P.T. would love his work if he were here today.

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