Quick Change book


By Sven Schoppenhauer

15 diverse methods of fastening will be described, some of these from the original book, some newly presented methods by Sven Schoppenhauer, a guest author, Dr. Christian Thurnes who introduces us to some top secret methods, and innovative combinations of these methods by Sven Schoppenhauer. This is a comprehensive study printed on the Quick Change methods for men’s costumes.



The English illusionist Lee Alex has translated the successful German language book “Quick-Change”. Despite having been written in German, this book has sold in all the continents of the world, and praised on high in the German language magic magazines.

The user is trained in 22 sequences to accomplish costume changes. The combination of individual sequences results in very fast complete costume changes. In theory there are several hundred-combination possibilities for Quick Change methods. This is described through six examples.

The German language version of the book appeared in the autumn of 2003 and contained 5 different tried and tested methods of fastenings – methods for holding the materials closed, and ways to open them, the so-called “tear-away” seams.

Well-known Russian quick-change artists termed one of the 5 methods described in the book as a “revolution”. The English translation of the book will now be completed by the author and by guest authors with several top secret High-Tech methods.


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