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Double Change


Double Change by Adrian Solar
Her dress changes two times. Your assistant can dance or perform in any illusion wearing the costumes without worry of accidentally flashing the under costumes. The changes can be done at any point in your show. This special system allows the dresses to fit a large range of sizes. They are very showy and beautiful. The costumes are hand made and high quality. You get 3 dresses for 2 changes. Ask us about our 5 costume version and various color options.

Shipping: $40.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $1,800.00
Head Off


Head Off by Adrian Solar
Your assistant sits down, you put a cloth over her head and just take it off!!! It is as simple as that. No big props on stage, clean and easy to do. Great for TV shows. It can be performed surrounded and very close to your audience. This will be one of your favorite and strongest pieces.

“Head Off is a reputation maker!"
- Sonny Fontana

“I was the first to perform Head Off on European TV and was wonderful!”
- Sylvan

Shipping: $35.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $1,200.00
The Ghost


The Ghost by Adrian Solar
Make your assistant levitate and disappear almost anywhere. Now you can do these and more with The Ghost. Make her float, appear, disappear and even morph into someone else. Do the Dekolta chair and make the chair vanish too, with the Ghost!!! You can improvise hiding places or you can use our portable background. You can also use a Spider backdrop or mirror platform. It works great in theatres, TV shows or even in someone living room. It has many applications. It is a very practical and portable way to make that CEO appear. Make anyone appear with 10 minutes of training.

“The gimmick is genius!”
- Jeff McBride

Shipping: $40.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $800.00
The Appearing Dress


The Appearing Dress by Adrian Solar
Incredible, commercial and strong. Your assistant enters the stage wearing just a towel around her body. She opens the towel and the audience can see that she is naked except for panties, she is covering her chest with her hands. The magician covers her for a second and then removes the towel and a beautiful dress appears on her body!!! If it is too risqué you can have her in a bikini and the dress appears on her body!

Shipping: $35.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $890.00
Speaker Animator
Speaker Animator by Kevin James
This wonderful device sits invisibly at the front of the stage your entire show. Any time you wish, it’s snow time! Snow goes 20 feet high, has great hang time and is very, very quiet! Case included.

Shipping: $85.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $2,000.00
Freaky Body Illusions


Freaky Body Illusions by Kevin James
Marvin's Magic has worked very closely with Kevin James and other fine magicians from around the world to produce the coolest and zaniest magic set ever. It is all amazing and crazy magic that you can do with your body. Some of the illusions include: Twisting your head 360°, levitating yourself, flossing your brain and performing crazy finger stunts. The feature illusion of the kit is Kevin’s signature living amputated arm illusion! Comes with the necessary props and instructional DVD.

Shipping: $13.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $99.00
Super Can


Super Can by Gustvo Raley
Super Can is an amazing utility device that allows you to perform many great effects. It comes with 20 different routines on the instructional dvd.

Here are just a few...

  • Pour out some Coke, make a small silk vanish, it reappears from the Coke can dry, pour out some more Coke!
  • Mentally influence a spectators taste buds. (my personal favorite routine)
  • A can of Coke and Sprite change places, but the soda doesn't, finally the soda changes too!!
  • Pour out some Coke, pass a green silk over the can and it changes to a Sprite can, pour out some Sprite!!! Very clean.

Shipping: $8.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $120.00
Bathrobe Change


The Bathrobe Costume Change by Adrian Soler
Imagine... the curtain opens and you are caught by surprise drying your hair with a towel. You are wearing a bathrobe, bunny slippers with bare arms, legs and chest. You make one 360 degree revolution and drop the bathrobe to the floor and you are now in your normal performing costume!!! It is just that simple.

This is a great opening!!!!

Comes with bunny slippers, bathrobe, towels, all the secret stuff and an instructional DVD. This is one dynamic effect!

Shipping: $45.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $1,250.00
Snow Animator IV


Snow Animator IV by Kevin James
This version of the Snow Animator is the best model to date. Using new technology we have been able to shrink the size and weight of the props. The sound is lower and the snow goes higher!!! The 4.0 is designed to look like a common napkin holder on a very thin table. This design is simple, elegant and sets up in 2 minutes. How much would you pay for a great finale to your show?


  • Napking Holder and Table
  • One Package of Confetti
  • Poly Carrying Case (about the size of a hat box)
  • Instructional DVD with 15 Years of Performance Experience Plus Kevin's Real Wok on How to Make His Special Super Confetti Loads
  • Battery Charger

Shipping: $60.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $1,500.00
Snow Animator V
Snow Animator V by Kevin James and Jason Baney
This is the latest in the Snow Animator line. This is a folding chair that sets up in literally 2 seconds. It packs up just as fast. You perform the illusion while sitting on the chair. This has the same great interior components as the Animator IV. The snow soars over 20 ft. high!

It comes with chair, battery, charger, confetti, instructional DVD and a vinyl travel bag. I tour with it folded in my hard shell suitcase packing my sox and shirts around it.

Chair back designs may vary.

Shipping: $60.00 Domestic (Foreign = 5X Domestic)

Price: $2,000.00
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